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un-ECM for droid apk

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This works great for me. I saw somewhat surprised due to the reviews. It works great though. I have no clue why people are complaining. Works fine. Just follow the instructions and open the files from a file manager, not the app itself. I wish that it did that it doesn’t do is give me a percentage so I can know about how finished it is. It would also be nice if it had a file browser so you could get to the files from within un-ecm itself.

un-ECM for Droid

un-ECM for Droid v1.02-fix
Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: *Issues with certain android phones! Fixing!*

This is a port of un-ecm written in C by Neill Corlett.

More Info: .ECM is a popular compression format for PSX ROMS. It is currently unsupported by psx4droid; this tool converts them to .bin, a format psx4droid understands.

Need .ecm files? Find Playstation Roms with Rom Search Plus

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I was very frustrated with this app as it kept telling me I didn’t have enough space. Opened file with Linda file manager and held down file until list came up. People are dumb and just give crappy rating for their own incompetency. This works well as it states. Now I can play all my psp and ps1 games on my phone for a small price.

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